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One of my absolute favourite cook books is that from the Mob Kitchen. We have Mob Kitchen, Speedy Mob and have just ordered their new cook book, Comfort Mob. Their recipes are quick, easy and delicious, three things I look for in a dinner after a long day at work.

The Thai Pork Larb is from their cookbook "Mob Kitchen: Feed 4 or more for under £10." Despite finding other recipes within the cookbook that are now household favourites, we thought we would try something a little different and, given my partners favourite meat is pork, we went with this dish.

Despite you thinking from the images that it looks like a dry rice and pork dish, it is absolutely packed with flavour. From the lemongrass puree and the lime juice giving it hints of bitterness, through to the heat from the chillies and coriander, the dish leaves you wanting more. Served within lettuce leaves and an extra squeeze of lime, this dish is perfect for a quick rustle up dinner party, or even as an additional dish at a BBQ.

What's more, if you cook it for just two of you, you have loads leftover for lunch the next day!

Definitely would give this a go - takes about 25 minutes to cook and leaves you wanting more for hours afterwards.

Ferg x

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