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Must-Have Miso-and-Wasabi-Buttered Tiger Prawns

For Christmas, my parents ordered us a "luxury meal at Home" from Haar @ Home, a little independent restaurant in St. Andrews. We had the Steak & Langoustine Box, which came with a beautiful bit of steak, what seemed like hundreds of langoustine and our very own DIY instruction pack. It was perfect for a pre-Christmas lockdown date night.

The show-stopper, however, was the Miso-Buttered Langoustine (pictures above). Now as much as I would love to claim the recipe as my own, I cannot, so I have come up with a little recipe of a similar nature, inspired for those who love seafood as much as I do, and to do it on more of a budget.



10 x Tiger Prawns

125g of butter

1 tsp of Miso paste (heaped)

1/4 tsp of Wasabi (if you like it super hot then add more)


  1. Wash your tiger prawns thoroughly to remove any dirt or grit and put to one side

  2. Melt your butter in the microwave (30 - 40 seconds usually does the trick

  3. Mix into your melted butter the wasabi and miso paste. Set to one side

  4. Now for the prawns. These would be delicious smoked, like the langoustine previously mentioned, but for the meantime we will just grill them until pink. You will need to turn them regularly to ensure that the shells don't burn

  5. To serve, place the tiger prawns onto a large plate and drizzle over the warm miso & wasabi butter. Serve with crusty warm sourdough to complete.

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